L'immatriculation de ce bateau est FR 006

Le nom de ce bateau est "Sissy"

Le capitaine de ce bateau est Naomi Lüderitz de Nuremberg (Allemagne)

L'architecte de ce bateau est Laurent Fiore

Ce bateau a été mis à l'eau à St Andrews en Ecosse

Le jour de la mise à l'eau est le 29 Novembre 2004 en fin de matinée

Ce bateau a été trouvé par Mademoiselle GRANT vers 15h00 le même jour

Ce bateau a été trouvé à Fife en Ecosse ( voir la carte ) "RECORD du fairplay"

Ce bateau a parcouru seul 2 km en quelques heures

Ce bateau est actuellement à l'école de son nouveau skipper pour faire rêver ses copains et copines de classe avant son prochain départ. Voici les emails de la découverte en premier, et de la mise à l'eau en second. A suivre mais déjà le prix de Fairplay à Naomi pour avoir laisser son bateau au nouveau skipper. Bravo!

To Dreamsailor,  Your boat Reg.No FR006 was retrieved by my granddaughter aged 6 with the help of the marine biologist at the pool adjacent to the pool for seals at the St. Andrews aquarium Fife at approx. 1500 hrs. I understand from a person we met near the beach that the boat had been despatched earlier this afternoon, so it was a very short trip on this occasion Once my Granddaughter has taken it to school to show her friends it will be re-launched probably next weekend.      D.M. GRANT

Hi Laurent, Hows things with you? Just got back last night from our trip to Scotland.
Have had the boat with us this long in the house waiting for a goood moment to sail her, didnt want to waste it on floating her in a lake in German, really wanted to get to the big ocean. Anyway here is the sailing details. Funny story really, but looks like you got some newspaper coverage for your site.

Sailed from St Andrews, Scotland, photo attached. Sailed her on our last day of the holiday as the weather conditions where perfect. We all watched the sail boat float away at go speed, what a great feeling to watch them head off, not only for the sail boat but for memories of our friends.

Anyway, left for the afternoon for a walk along the long beach, on our return that afternoon, a young girl minis age was walking back to the car park with the we little sail boat in her arm...... the little girl saw the sail boat so a guy from the seal zoo went out to go and catch it !!!! They were very excited in finding it and after ready the text on the boat they presumed it had sailed from france or Norway, so they rang the news paper for a story and photo of the little boat being found.....little did they know we had just sailed it from around the other bay. A bit gutted as the family said it was on its way out to the north sea, anyway the little girl "nina" is the new skipper and shes going to sail it from where she lives in the northern area of Scotland. Chat soon Laurent, got to get back to work. Later me old friend. Nicko, Naomi's father.